random thoughts

Thanks for coming to the new blog – let me know what you think of it and if there’s any bugs I need to work out.

One of the things we try to remember to do to save electricity is to shut off our whole power strip.  Our computer is plugged in, along with our, oh, I just looked and I don’t even know what all is plugged into it.  I really hate all these cords over-running our lives. Anyway, even though the computer may be shut down, it is still sucking energy out of the wall, so we shut off the whole power strip to help.  I’m also trying to remember to turn off the modem.  Same deal with that – even though its not being used, its still using energy.  A smart power strip would be even better, but that would require us buying something and like I said before, we don’t really have the money to put into these things right now.

On a completely unrelated note, I recently finished these legwarmers for Ruby.  Just in time for fall.  Except they’re way too big for her, so we’ll have to wait a couple years. 


2 thoughts on “random thoughts

  1. What does the smart strip do? Does it have a timer? I could see how a timer could help, just set it to go off at midnight or something. No forgetting this way. An article in Outside talked about a meter that can check your whole home energy use online. Why aren’t these supplied for free?

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