CSA update and greens in your kitchen

CSA Report:


heirloom tomatoes


red bell peppers


yellow romano beans

tangerine dream melon


This is a guest post by John. Instead of telling me what to blog about, or blog about it himself, he’s going to write it here.

I wanted to share some of the things that we’ve done over the years to green-up our kitchen. I doubt that we started any of these at the same time, but have just slowly added to them as we learned, discovered, and experimented. Not that any of them are groundbreaking, in fact they might classify me as somewhat of a quack, but I do tend to follow the precautionary principle when reasonable. I would rather someone prove to me that something is safe instead of waiting until it is discovered that it’s harmful.

1. Getting rid of nonstick

I’ve heard some things in the past about nonstick and how you should avoid it getting into your food. But haven’t you noticed how over time it tends to get thinner and thinner. Kind of like you car tires, it doesn’t just disappear, it enters the environment. In this case, the environment is your food. There’s also some nasty side effects of manufacturing the stuff as well. So what to do. If you have ever tried to stir-fry tofu in a non nonstick pan you wonder how you can live without it. The answer is quite simple really, cast iron. You remember those old heavy, metal pans right? Always the ones used in movies to knock people out with because they are so solid. Every time I go to the thrift store there’s always a nice selection. Maintaining their seasoned properties takes some getting used to, but once you do, wow, they make the best eggs ever.

2. Water filter for the sink faucet

By now you know how much the bottle water industry is a scam. Its been all over the media lately plus you have all of that plastic. So what to do. The brita and pur filters that just kind of clamp on to the end of the faucet are fine but the next step up is really a break through in taste. These are the twin canister type that can sit on top (like ours) or mount under the sink. The filters are a bit pricey, but the water is fantastic and super, duper clean. We got ours when Megan was pregnant and have loved it.

3. Organic food

Well if you know me, you know this is a given. But really, this is serious stuff. Now to be fair, not everything we eat is organic but you should consider trying it for at least some of your food. The best place to start is with fruit, after that your veggies. Dairy is also a concern followed by meat. And it’s not just the chemicals that you avoid. You really are supporting a more healthy way of growing food that’s better for the soil. And if your soil is in bad shape, well, so is the rest of your society. Almost as equally important as organic is local. I would probably buy fresh local food over old, trucked across the county organic. Well, maybe. If fruit, probably still organic. Part of eating fresh is also eating with what is in season. Besides getting anything at any time of year takes the fun out of seasons. Holding back until that first tomato of the year comes arrives or the first corn is priceless. Another aspect to this is staying away from packaged foods as much as possible. While saving you lots of money, this is the best way to stay away from preservatives and added junk like HFCS and trans fat. This will cost you time, but you are investing in your health (unless all you make is homemade donuts.)

4. Chemicals

Megan makes the most wonderful cleaning products from vinegar and other magic stuff she adds. Keeping those toxins away are peace of mind, especially with little ones around. A little bit of germs are good for you. There are exceptions of course, like the ones associated with chicken, which should be taken seriously. But a little bit of precaution can go along way.

5. Lighting

Change out those bulbs for CFLs. We probably run the kitchen light more than any other in our house so this would add up to paying for the bulbs for sure. Just remember to dispose of them properly since they do contain a teeny bit of Hg.

We would love to hear any comments or things you do in your own home. Thanks Meg for letting me post. Now back to you…

pepper photo by St-Even


4 thoughts on “CSA update and greens in your kitchen

  1. Thanks for the ideas. Another thing that goes along with bottled water – I take water to work from our filtered water at home and I have started using a metal cup rather than a plastic bottle. I know that those can be just as bad for your health -thanks to John teaching this to Jenna and what is in the media when have now switched.

  2. Yeah, the water bottle thing is big, isn’t it? John & I use glass. We’re trying to figure out what the best thing is for Ruby. I’m reluctant to use glass, but the good metal ones are expensive and I know they’ll be getting lost. Any ideas??

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