random updates



Summer afternoons at the park investigating pine cones.

This is the beginning of Ruby’s funny face when I ask her to smile for the camera. She got a new bike helmet yesterday – the next size up. She was so excited when we took it out of the box and wore it around the house for at least half an hour. This morning when I got her up, she looked out her door, saw it, and immediately wanted it. Later today she saw a man riding his bike past our house, pointed him out then made her sign for hat/helmet, then her sign for where, because he didn’t have a helmet.

Ruby’s funny way of smiling for the camera.

When my mom was out in April, she and I made one of these pillow covers. I finally finished the other one recently. I bought the fabric here, but they don’t have it anymore. It’s Alexander Henry fabric called Mocca in chocolate, just in case you wanted to know.

Also, my dad’s election was today and no one got over 50% of the vote, so there will be a run-off. If you live in the Seminole County area and you want to help him campaign or have questions for him, you can contact him on his site.

And, I know what you are all waiting for…the csa report:


grape tomatoes

heirloom tomatoes




green romano beans




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