Funny Ruby

Here are a couple examples of Ruby being so silly lately.  She is so funny, we are always laughing at her.  She laughs at herself too.  Every once in a while, she’ll use a different sign than she meant to, which always makes her giggle.

She said thank you today after I gave her some food.  She just started using the sign thank you a couple days ago and today she said it and signed it.  This morning after we nursed, she meowed, then signed, cat, book, up.  Meaning:  pick me up and get me the cat book.


3 thoughts on “Funny Ruby

  1. Zoe loves to play ghost also! we got a piece of silk (sarah’s silks) and she’ll throw it on and come tickle us and squeel. The silk is nice because she can see through it enough to not run into things.

    This age is so much fun. I love seeing them play and discover. it is also amazing to see them learn to communicate, we were (and still are) amazed at how much Zoe picks up on and how her brain is just always working.

    we should get together again soon!

  2. yes, Laurel, I was just thinking that we should get together soon. The girls can run around with blankets on their heads together.

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