an obsession

I happened upon a book in a bookstore a couple years ago called ChocolateChocolate.  It is full of more beautiful treats made with chocolate than you can think of.  I checked it out at the library a few times, and made some delicious desserts from it (brownies & scones).  I love the book.  I love that the writer admits and encourages eating chocolate as part of breakfast.  John doesn’t seem to share this desire, but sometimes you wake up and want choclate, am I right?

I had a few dollars left on an old gift card & found a used copy of the book online, so I bought it.  I made chocolate chunk shortbread and it was pretty much unbelieveable.

We took Ruby to the doctor today for her 15 month well-baby check-up.  She is 31″ long (69th percentile), weighs 21 lbs. & 7 oz. (29th percentile) and her head circumference is in the 93rd percentile.  Any guesses which side of the family she’s taking after?  Tall, lean, & big-headed???  (hint:  I can wear kids’ hats)  The doctor said Ruby is perfect.

I need to go find some chocolate now.


3 thoughts on “an obsession

  1. those are Zoe’s exact measurements (at least height and weight) when we went to the doctor in July… except Zoe was 20 months so the percentiles were much lower. it’s a good size, still small enough to hold and cuddle, but big enough for her to climb and do toddler things 🙂

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