told you, obsessed

I went to the doctor for a check-up last week, leaving Ruby with John at home.  Because I was alone and my doctor’s visit was fairly quick, I decided to investigate something I had seen a few weeks before.

There used to be a patissier downtown that was amazing.  It was a tiny place hidden in a strip mall and run by a couple who obviously loved baking pastries.  I didn’t go often, but whenever I did, I was happy.  Then, it closed.  It turned into a tattoo parlor of all things.   A patissier to a tattoo parlor.  I’m not sure how it happened.  I was so sad.

A couple weeks ago though, I was driving to the co-op and passed by a place with a sign that said Le Patissier.  Could it be?  So, finally, I stopped last week and it was.  They just moved and expanded.  I ordered my chocolate croissant, bit into it and went back to France.  I am plotting when I can go back and sit and have my cafe au lait in a bowl.

photo by Valentinapowers


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