csa report

When my friend and I go to pick up the csa, we walk with our babies in their strollers.  On the way back home, we walk past the duck canal and say quack.  Today, as soon as we got the food, Ruby started quacking.  I said, “Where?” and she pointed the direction of the canal.

Here’s what we got today:





bell pepper

white rose potatoes

pink Grape tomatoes

heirloom tomatoes

yellow doll watermelon

gala apples

John returned home today from a conference.  Ruby was SOOOO excited to see him.  She kept asking for hugs from him.  I missed him too – and not just because Ruby is getting her first molar and we needed help!


One thought on “csa report

  1. Hello Megan: My husband and I live in Longwood and dearly love your parents. They have been so good to my kids. I am pulling for your Dad to win the runoff.

    He told me about your blog and I have enjoyed browsing. I have 2 questions: Is CSA Day something to do with a food coop? and How smooth was the transition from Blogger to WordPress?

    I have the Blogger blog I filled in above and am a regular guest blogger on a WordPress blog (www.BlakeBakes.com), where I am the organic baker. Anyway, I have found WordPress to be more accommodating and am considering switching. It makes me nervous, though, as I have no clue what I am in for. Can you fill me in on how it went for you?

    Ruby is adorable. I miss having little ones. Mine are all grown now–ages 25, 20 and 18 (just off to college this month.) Enjoy her while she is young; they grow up SOOOO fast.

    Best wishes!

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