craft show news

The last meet your maker show was so much fun.  We were outdoors and once the sun went behind the trees, we had beautiful weather.  Lots of people came to shop & the vendors were so nice to chat with.  You can see pictures here.  I bought a couple things from Amy & Megan, (the other Megan) but I can’t show you them because they’re gifts.  It takes every bit of restraint I have not to buy from so many of the people.

We have our next show schedule for Friday, October 3rd and I am so excited about it.  We’ve partnered up with some other local organizations for several events to be going on alongside ours.  It will be a part of the Frist Friday Artwalk too.

If you’re in the area, we’re still accepting applicants for the show.  See here.  And come out and support us – it will be so fun.  And the raffle – oh man, its full of great things.  I really wish I could enter…


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