summer love

There is a giveaway at simple mom blog for a really cute necklace.  You should check it out.  I’ve had my eye on this jewelry for awhile.

We got our csa yesterday and it is obvious we’re still celebrating summer around here.  It’s been close to 90 the past few days.  I’m ready for fall!

Here’s our haul:

photo by suttonhoo

photo by suttonhoo





gold beets

pint of grape tomatoes

gold roma tomatoes


Abate Fatel pears

Our CSA newsletter suggested making baked pear pancakes, so we’ll try those out this week.


4 thoughts on “summer love

  1. mmmm….pizza is a great idea. we haven’t had that in awhile.
    You should add the jewelry to your wishpot! Can you do things like that?

  2. well, as soon as I saw it on simple mom and started looking at it, I fell in love of course,then I laughed when I saw your post about it too- hey, I suppose we all have great taste 🙂 anyways, I tried to add it and I can’t for some reason, I get an error message!

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