2 year blogiversary

Yes, its been two years since I started blogging.  Um, things have changed a bit since then.  I am enjoying sharing so much of our daily lives with you and getting your feedback.  Your comments and emails are entertaining and educational for me.  I had to celebrate 2 years, so I baked, of course.

cinnamon chip butterballs

cinnamon chip butterballs

While I was baking, I thought about how much my life has changed.  Its easier to think about the few things that have stayed the same, really.  Not only did I become a mama, but I quit my teaching job, started a couple new jobs, and am devoting much more time to my creativity.

My time with Ruby is irreplaceable to me.  I knew I wanted to stay home when I had a baby and I’m so grateful that we can do it.  We have support – fairly inexpensive housing compared to some places, health benefits for the whole family with John’s job.  We don’t take these things for granted and we don’t know how we’d do this without them.

I love being able to take walks with Ruby and watch her stomp on crunchy leaves.  We go to the park to meet other kids her age and I love seeing her interact with them.  We have slow time as a family when John gets home.  We try really hard not to rush – Ruby, weekends, baths, snuggles, lives.

Ruby is incredible to watch and I’m grateful that you’re along for the journey.


4 thoughts on “2 year blogiversary

  1. Cinnamon chip butterballs sound delicious!! I think you should figure out a way to ship all of your baked goods and sell them for people like me who admire your baking. :o)

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