food glorious food

happy fall!  We are having the most beautiful weather – cool mornings, sunny afternoons, just warm enought to peel off the sweaters.

Here’s our csa report:




borlotto shell beans

red peppers

garlic – nothing like fresh garlic!

german butterball potatoes



gala apples

I’ve been hearing from several people lately about the great restaurants they have nearby them and have been a bit jealous.  Our town has one good restaurant (that we can afford).  I’m not really exaggerating.  There’s no delivery that is worth eating either.  We’re only 20 minutes from a town with some better options, but when we have a date night, we don’t want to go too far.  But then I remembered our CSA, and realized that I am so lucky to live here, surrounded by so much fresh food!  I have to prepare it all myself, but it is worth it.

I got my first custom baked good order!!!  Woo hoo!  Lemon Meringue.


3 thoughts on “food glorious food

  1. “Our town has one good restaurant (that we can afford). ”

    which one is it? we are always at a loss of what to eat when we are in albany.

    Have you tried that fancy place that serves local food? I looked at the menu and it didn’t have much for veggies and was really $$$, but seemed like a cool place.

    I made a great cream of cauliflower soup the other night with onions, red peppers, cauli and potaotes (along with some milk and parm cheese) YUMMY! matt and I had to fight for the leftovers 🙂

  2. Customer food order?

    Well, it’s not any better in Virginia Beach, just in a different way – all we really have is the commercial crap that’s in everywheretown, USA…As much as I didn’t like North Chicago, that was one great thing about that place, tons of cool restaurants…there is a really great authentic mexican restaurant right around the corner from the house that we frequent though!

  3. Laurel – Clemenza’s – it’s new and on 1st street. It’s opened by people who work at Sybari’s and wonderful. Sybari’s is really expensive. John & I keep saying we’ll just go get dessert or something, but we haven’t yet.
    your soup sounds yummy!

    Janine-We’d be in trouble with a good Mexican place around the corner….I’m jealous of that!

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