fall harvests

Ruby is becoming quite the independent young lady.  (I don’t know where she gets it from).  She refuses to eat small pieces of fruit if she sees one of us holding a whole pear or apple.  She is getting pretty good at eating almost a whole pear on her own now.  She’s also figured out which parts of the pear not to eat, like the stem.  She points to it, shakes her head no, and makes this face:

She has the same reaction when I ask her if I can have a bite.

We went to the park this afternoon where she loved collecting acorns and stepping on crunchy leaves.

Tonight I saw this post by SouleMama, I guess so many kids are fascinated by the wonder fall has to offer.  I am too.  We harvested the apples on our little tree and I made yummy apple muffins.

Oh, this post was way more thoughtful in my head, but I am exhausted now and its all just blah.  Being a single mama is tough!


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