a moment to breathe

I am finally settling in to the idea of caring for Ruby alone this week.  (John comes home tomorrow night.  ha!) Of course, maybe today is better because we finally slept through the night.  Ruby is napping, I fixed myself a cup of tea, grabbed some chocolate and a book and headed out into the yard to read and relax a bit.  It is gorgeous!  60, breezy, sunny…the perfect fall day.

The show on Friday was wonderful.  I liked the venue and they liked us.  We’ll be there the First Fridays of November & December.  And friends will be visiting for the December show.  Yay!

Here’s our csa report:



sweet onions



pink grape tomatoes

nicola potatoes

strawberries (in October!!)

johnagold apples

Ruby was happy to have strawberries back in her oatmeal this morning.  She picked them all out of her bowl, ate all mine that were left, then threw her bowl because she was mad there were no more strawberries in there.


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