pumpkin patch

Our family is back together again!  We’re having gorgeous fall days right now.  Its cool, but sunny.  We’re soaking it all up before the rains set in.  We visited a pumpkin patch yesterday at Heavenly Harvest.  Ruby was a little more into it than she was last year.  Here she is playing in a box of corn kernals.  She could have stayed all day, but we had hayrides to ride.

And pumpkin patches to trudge through.  Ruby picked out a pumpkin and kissed it.

Good choice, huh?

Now it feels like fall and halloween can arrive.  I love attending these seasonal festivals to get us in the spirit of things.  We’ve got a few pumpkins on the porch – white, beige, and orange and squash inside.  How do you celebrate fall?

On a totally unrelated, random note, I found a link to this flickr collection of Richard Scarry comparisons on Simple Mom.  I have my old Richard Scarry nursery rhyme book and Ruby recently chose a Richard Scarry number book from the library.  We love the simple illustrations of the books.  Anyway, this flickr site compares one of his books published in the 60s and the same book updated in the 90s.  The pictures and words are updated to allow for a bit more diversity.  I love it!  I need to go to the library and check out the new version of my old book now to compare.


3 thoughts on “pumpkin patch

  1. Great letter to the editor, concise and to the point. Thank you for taking the time to express what most of us feel.
    AND…I love Richard Scarry! I could go into this long story about my childhood, my sister and a certain Richard Scarry book. Remind me when I see you. Take care

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