The birthday…

On the day of my birthday at Edgefield, we went down to the pool at Ruby’s spa for a swim.

When we were there, John told the receptionist that I had an appointment in the afternoon. (He told me that earlier, but didn’t tell me what he scheduled).  When I visited the spa – which is honestly, one of the best I have ever been to – John & Ruby played around the grounds and napped.  These are some of the things they saw:

We’ll post more pictures on flickr – these are just some of our favorites.  The spa was amazing.  I have chronic back pain, and I was released of that for a couple days because of my time there.  When I left the spa, I felt so light and loose, and actually didn’t feel much at all, which is quite a welcome change.

Happy Halloween!  Check out these political pumpkins found through notmartha.


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