Oh, yes, things are a little nuts around here.  Of course, we had election night excitement (SO excited!)  Never have I been so proud of my vote.  Ruby is saying “Bama” randomly, which is so cute.  My dad didn’t get re-elected, which was quite a surprise to a lot of us.  I know he’ll miss his time working for the kids and schools, but I also know he’ll find something else to enjoy.

I’ve been playing nurse here.  John sliced off the tip of his finger at work.  He was in extreme pain the first night and had to go back to the hospital to manage it and get some good drugs to get him through the next day.  He’s healing up, but has to keep his finger bandaged for awhile.  Ruby got a pretty bad cold (which she is sharing with me) and crawls into my lap with her blanket asking me to rock and sing to her.  How can I resist that?

dscn3220And, I can’t believe I haven’t posted Ruby’s halloween picture.  She was a vampire – Countess Milkula.  We slicked back her hair, gave her a widow’s peak and a cape.  It is hard to get a picture of a toddler – they’re all a blur!

dscn3212To celebrate Halloween, I made this spice cake with buttercream frosting and pumpkin biscuits.  A big hit.  I had to make almost double the icing for the cake, but it was worth it.

Friday night is the next Meet Your Maker show.  If you’re in the area – come by!



One thought on “catch-up

  1. I thought I was going to be able to make it to Meet Your Maker this month. The boys are elk hunting, and Anna was to go to a sleepover. Well, Anna stayed home sick today, so that keeps me home. I need to start my christmas shopping and I thought this would be a good start. Will there be one in December?
    Big Sigh….Rebecca

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