I’m debating something and I need your help.  I used to have a section on the right side of the blog with a list of links to books that we’ve been reading lately.  I know some of the links were used, I’m curious if its something you’d like me to continue updating.  Leave me a comment and let me know!


I made this chocolate-chip buttermilk coffee cake to use some leftover buttermilk.  We froze most of it and can thaw it out in small pieces.  Lovely.


2 thoughts on “bookworms

  1. Please do….I’ve read several books you’ve mentioned on your blog – I find it most helpful when you blog about the book though. Even just a tidbit is nice. I’ve checked out the links (and used them before), but you know, I’m a big book geek too!

  2. Janine and anyone else interested….I’m a member on I’ll just list my books on there and you can too. We can be friends on the site so we can share book titles with each other. I’ll still write posts about books I love here though.

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