ears are burning

We have a few more weeks of our CSA left.  This week we got:

photo by lumierefl

photo by lumierefl




pimento pepper

red burgermeister onions


Nicola potatoes

delicata squash


braeburn apples

We made a delicata squash, red onion, rosemary, Parmesan pizza that was do delicious.  I should have taken a picture, but we ate it too fast.

There’s been quite the buzz about Meet Your Maker lately.  We are on The Sampler webpage.  The sampler is one of those things you wish you had extra cash for….you sign up for a box and you get a bunch of samples from really great little companies.  New samples are featured each month and its all very popular in the hand-made/etsy world.


3 thoughts on “ears are burning

  1. winter squash is lovely on a pizza, especially with gouda cheese!

    I liked Elizabeth’s idea of rolling up the collards and cutting thin ribbons. I did that and cooked them in a stir-fry with leeks, garlic and paneer (I use paneer like tofu since we can’t have soy). I served it with quinoa and the meal was pretty, easy and yummy!

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