Ruby’s personality is really becoming apparant.  I love being able to start thinking about who she is as her own person now.  She and I went to story time today at our little library, which usually has about 10 people attend.  Today there was a pre-school field trip, so there were about 50 people there.  Ruby was stunned.  Instead of going to play with the toys before story time started, she picked out her seat, sat on my lap, held my hands and stayed like that for the next 25 minutes.  After story time, she stayed on my lap (she doesn’t usually stay on my lap for the whole thing) and when I asked her if she wanted to find her jacket and go home she said, “yeah”.  Poor little buddy, she was overwhelmed.

Smartypants, that gave me the cute little acorn pin, wrote the nicest blog post about me and Meet Your Maker.  I am flattered!

This Saturday is the craft show I’m in at the Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church (2650 Highland Dr, Corvallis) from 10-2.  They’ll have kids’ crafts, free childcare, and a bake sale.  Stop by and say hi!


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