the goose is getting fat

I’ve been super busy lately, it seems.  I had my biggest order yet of gift boxes that was mailed off yesterday (so exciting!), craft shows past and upcoming to prepare for, and I’m doing a little bit of consulting work while Ruby sleeps.  The holidays are really sneaking up on me this year.  But all of a sudden, I’m walking around singing Christmas carols.  I have such great memories of Christmas Eve candlelight church services, singing together.  Ruby has a giant book of children’s songs and we were flipping through it and discovered the holiday music section.  Now, I can’t stop.  Today Ruby asked me to sing a Santa Claus song.

photo by Jacob Whittaker

photo by Jacob Whittaker

Today I found this quiz.  I scored 9/10!  And this is even before the constant Christmas music has invaded my world!  Can anyone get them all?

We picked up our last CSA today.  I am so grateful that we’ll feast on local, organic, community-supported food at Thanksgiving this year.  We are missing our family though.

baby bok choy

by bcostin

by bcostin


green kale

variegated savoy cabbage

butternut squash


nicola potatoes


braeburn apples

Tonight we had peanut pasta with bok choy.  We’ll be eating carrot cake oatmeal for our Thanksgiving breakfast.


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