Thanksgiving was the first at our own house.  We realized yesterday that we have always been somewhere else for the holiday.  We missed being with family and friends, but we took comfort in creating some of our own traditions.  dscn3341

We ate butternut squash hazelnut lasagna with kale.  As I cooked, I noticed the birds getting their fill in our feeder and listened to lots of Matt Pond PA & Sufjan Stevens.  Ruby filled up on appetizers and was sleepy, so even after saying “lasagna, lasagna, lasagna” all she ate was half a piece of bread.  dscn3342

We picked some everlasting roses from our garden to brighten up the dinner table.  I think the only reason we still have so many of these roses blooming is that they have been “pruned” religiously.  (Ruby feels the need to pick off three or four blossoms every time she is outside.)

We ate an adapted version of this pear crisp for dessert and it wasn’t so great.  John politely said it was good, but I was disappointed.  We ate it on yogurt today and it was much better that way.

I am still re-reading the half-page article written in this week’s Eugene Weekly about Meet Your Maker.  This issue is great – the gift guide is helpful, there is a great article on the importance of buying local, and then this!  We knew something was being published, but we didn’t expect it would be so wonderful.



2 thoughts on “thanks

  1. I’m glad you made the most of your first holiday with “just you”. My husband and I don’t have any family locally, so we’ve had a few holidays like that.

    Neat to hear about the article emphasizing the importance of buying local!

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