snowed in


It’s a winter wonderland here in the Willamette Valley.  We don’t get much snow here – maybe one or two snow days a year, so its a big deal when we get any.  We’ve had snow on the ground for 3 days now and it might last for a few more days.  We have an inch or two on the ground now, depending on where the sun hit yesterday.  Today its snowing and raining on and off.

Everything shuts down when we get any snow at all, and for good reason.  John took the bus to work yesterday and the bus slid through a red light and slid sideways another time.  He saw a wreck on the way home of a car that slid into a semi.  Yikes.


The first day of all this was the day of the handmade bazaar in Portland.  We decided not to go because of the driving.  I’m so bummed that I missed it, but I’ve heard horror driving stories from people who were driving from Portland back down here, so I’m glad we didn’t go.

John and I finally have a cozy room to snuggle up in during all this snowy weather.  We had wallpaper in just over half of our bedroom that we took down, along with a chair rail.  We painted, hung new pictures, and love it.  It’s a light blue color with just a touch of gray.


We got yolo paint – a zero-VOC paint – and love it.  It painted well and we never got high from fumes.  We will definitely choose one of their paints when we paint Ruby’s room.  And this company is brilliant.  They have poster sized papers that they paint on and you can stick them on your walls and move them around.  SO much better than those worthless paint chips.

The picture in the top photo is a Nikki McClure print and the one on the bottom is something I’ve had my eye on for quite awhile.  I bought it at a local antique shop from the granddaughter of the woman who made it.  It’s crewel – you can’t really tell from the picture – but its beautiful.


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