cobblestone coast

A few weeks ago, before Oregon got more snow than we’ve had in 40 years, we went to the coast with our friend.  We visited one of our favorite spots – Yaquina Head Lighthouse where there is a cobblestone beach.  There are tidepools, and sea lions, and cobbles everywhere.  Its unlike any other coastline I’ve seen.  Ruby loves it more and more each time we go.  She was giddy this time.  She fell flat on her face in the rocks and got up smiling.


photo by Tina Hoang


photo by tina hoang

photo by tina hoang

Then we came home, snuggled up and read some books.


We’ve updated the Meet Your Maker flickr account with some pictures from our December show taken by the lovely, Lourdes Irizarry.  Enjoy!


One thought on “cobblestone coast

  1. Aww! I think I’ve been there? I was in Eugene a couple years ago and drove out to the coast (not sure where exactly). Am I in the right vicinity…your description is exactly what I saw. I don’t know much about the Oregon coastline though, so maybe it all looks like that?

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