happy 2009

I’m finally back to blogging after the busy holidays.  Grandma & Gramps came out for a week to celebrate with us and spoil Ruby (we’re still dealing with the aftermath).  Just the way its supposed to be.  Ruby loved opening presents.  She said, “Whoa” at almost every thing she opened at the beginning.  It later turned it to picking things up and tossing them behind her.  dscn01651Ruby is modeling the dress that Grandma made for her here.  Also, notice the tree skirt that my mom cross-stitched for us.  Super-crafty lady, that Grandma.  You can see more pictures on flickr and videos here (This video is Ruby seeing her kitchen that John made for her for the first time.  There are three other new videos on the site too).

Just in case you’re already thinking about birthday or gift for a kid – check this craft box out.  What a great idea.

No resolutions to share.  John and I made a list of things to do in our lifetime.  A year is quite the deadline.  We’ll see what happens this year.  Ruby changes so fast, its hard to keep up with her.


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