crafty links

I’m really hopped up on sugar and coffee right now.  It’s a dangerous combination.  I am making chocolate cookies and eating the cookie dough after drinking a latte.  So, I can’t promise that this post will be intelligible at all.  Forgive me if it makes no sense, or at least, enjoy a good laugh.


Here are some links of great things you should go visit now:

Super-cute fairy tale notepad download.  I forget where I found this.  There’s a ton of other great stuff on this site too.

Adorable hair-clips that look really easy to make.  I found this through How About Orange.  Always getting good links from that blog.

Tons of great craft tutorials, well 100 actually.  You could spend hours and hours looking through this list.  Found this one on etsy.  The dollhouse pictured above is on this list.  Here, actually in case you just want to jump to it.

Ahhhh!!  Penguin cookies done!  Must go….


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