Baking Apprentice

We’ve been a bit out-of-sorts around here lately.  John has been traveling for work quite a bit this month and very busy when he’s home.  I think I slept snuggled up with piles of (clean) laundry on the bed most nights while he was away.   Everything just seemed to pile up and I couldn’t dig my way out.  We were all a little crazy.


But, John is back, Meet Your Maker is planning our next show, and Ruby is helping me bake.  All is good.  We made carrot-bran muffins yesterday.  “Ruru” as she calls herself, insisted that she get to stir the ingredients together as well, so she had her own bowl of oatmeal, raisins, carrots, then some water added.  She was quite happy, and even began to “sneak” bites of her “dough”.  My family thought I would have to teach her to eat raw dough, but not this kid.  She comes by it naturally.  When the muffins came out of the oven, I told her I needed to get a cooling rack.  Ruru opened the cupboard, pulled out a cooling rack (!) and handed it to me.

dscn3536Now if I could just convince her that it is not 80 degrees out and she should be wearing something other than a tank top and wear some slippers, we would be good.


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