happy heart day

We had a wonderful Valentine’s Day here.  I made a few simple gifts for the family, mostly so that I could enjoy some crafting time.  For Ruby, I embroidered this shirt.  I got the pattern from the Stitch-It Kit which I like a bunch.  I hope Smartypants doesn’t see this though…she is a master embroiderer.  Anyway, when Ruby saw it, she said, “Shirt” and put it on right over her p.j.s.  What a great gift receiver she is!  Actually, she just loves the fact that she can almost dress herself.


I made John this little bowl for him to take to his office and catch all his little thing:  keys, ipod, wallet, etc.  I used a pattern from One Skein that I checked out from the library.  I filled it up with some treats for him like some yummy oolong tea, a chocolate covered pretzel, and some bar shaving soap that he likes.


And then, on V-day, I made these little napkins for us.  Ruby sometimes likes to have a napkin on her lap too, which cracks me up.  I like the little polka-dot fabric.


I also made some chocolate crescent cookies for John and I to enjoy.  They practically melt in your mouth, but they don’t photograph well.  I got that recipe from ChocolateChocolate.


2 thoughts on “happy heart day

  1. crafting in itself is wonderful, soul-caressing, but i agree it’s even better when a loved one receives our work with such joy as Ruby did. it’s like giving a little love and getting tones of it in return.

    of course a neat little miss like Ruby needs a napkin of her own! it’s so nice to make a meal special, little things like new handmade napkins are perfect for the job.

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