Little Chef

Ruby and I made pizza dough a few days ago from our new cookbook that I love.  I’m sure she will grow to love it as well.  We topped our pizzas with mozzarella, some herbs, tomato sauce, and, Ruby’s favorite, olives.


Enjoy the pictures.  Ignore the bad lighting.



7 thoughts on “Little Chef

  1. Please bring her right now. She is the cutest human that has graced this planet. I lover her so much…better yet move here. I’ll babysit whenever you want and she’ll get tons of kisses. back to cooking…will you send me that super easy bread recipe from the bread book you guys have?

  2. OMG…I absolutely love her too!!

    I second Brianne’s suggestion that you move back. Now you’ll have a baby-sitter for when we want to go out. =)

  3. You guys, how about coming this a way. I know a town that has some really cheap house prices! (well, I guess I can’t use that one anymore) Really, really cheap!

  4. She is so precious. I hope to meet her someday. We have that cookbook too and just LOVE IT! Homemade pizza has become a weekly tradition at our house.

  5. i showed your photos to my kids yesterday and told them Ruby was making pizza… they instantly wanted to bake one, too. so we did. we had such a great time!

    have a lovely, love-filled, Ruby-kissed day!

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