portland weekend

John’s birthday was Sunday and we got to spend most of the weekend in Portland.  He had a conference for work there and Ruby and I went up with him and spent the night.  It was perfect timing.  We got to go out to eat at great restaurants on his birthday – quite a treat when we live in a small town!

When John was working, Ruby and I spent most of our time at coffee shops and Powell’s.  I planned on taking her to OMSI, but she took her time snacking and napping and we couldn’t quite time it right.  Fine by me.  I enjoyed sitting around in coffee shops with her and Coco (her bunny).



3 thoughts on “portland weekend

  1. sounds like you had a great weekend. that croissant looks almost bigger than Ruby…well, bigger than her cute little friend. i love it how children make toys and even common objects come alive by talking to them and treating them like people.
    have another great day!

  2. Hello!
    What hotel? What eateries? I am nosy and love Portland weekends, so I need to know. Sunday is David’s birthday, I am putting him in the car early Sunday morning and driving him to Portland for his favorite breakfast destination, Mother’s. SSHH it’s a surprise.

  3. Oh yes, I should have written all that too. We stayed at the Double Tree at the Lloyd Center. That’s where John’s conference was. We went to Crema – So good! That’s where Ruby had the croissant. We also went to Urban Grind for snacks, but I didn’t like that place very much. We ate at the Cup and Saucer on Hawthorne and at Laurelwood where Ruby had the mac and cheese. I keep hearing about Mother’s. We’ll have to go there next time.

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