new kitchen curtains


I am so proud of the new curtains I finished.  Sewing is new to me and I don’t feel very confident with it yet.  This was a big project for me and I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out.


I was at the craft store recently buying fabric for another project I’m working on when I found the cutest fabric ever.  I bought some without an idea of what I’d do with it.  I’ve heard that fabric hoarding is the first step in a sewing addiction.  I’ve got a bunch of sewing books, a small stash of fabrics, and a couple projects completed.  I guess I’m on my way…

I added some new links on the sidebar just in case you read this through a feedreader and you care about these things.

Happy Spring!


2 thoughts on “new kitchen curtains

  1. what a cute pattern and fabric, great job!

    I miss sewing, it’s much harder for me to sew now with Zoe since she isn’t one to let me work on projects without her help. I would love to have a craft/sewing room so I could have all my stuff out and not worry about it.

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