La Florid

We’re back from our week-long trip to Florida.  I’m slowly digging my way out of piles of laundry, mail, emails, orders, craft show planning and editing of pictures.  We had a wonderful time and got to see almost everyone that we planned to.  Although we missed some people that we were really looking forward to seeing!


Ruby was incredible on the plane.  She loved pushing her stroller around the airport.  On our way back to Oregon, we stopped in LA for one hour.  Our plane was a little late landing, but not bad.  We were all ready to run around, and get some food & water.  Ruby was very excited to have a turn pushing her stroller again.  When we got off the plane, we waited and waited and waited for our stroller (the one we checked right before we walked on the plane).  There were others waiting for their strollers, and some people got theirs, but not all of us.  We were told to go downstairs and file a claim.  No time for that.  Now we had to get to another terminal to catch our flight to Portland.  We checked the map, saw the pedestrian walkway and as quickly as we could while carrying Ruby and all our carry-ons, headed that way.  Ruby the whole time is repeating, “stroller, Ruby, no, new.”  We told her we’d get her a new stroller, but she was disappointed.  We get there and find out that the walkway is past security and we have to take 2 buses to get to the terminal instead.  We do this, trying to encourage the bus drivers to be fast and stop waiting for other possible people.  The buses drive us on the runway, next to taxi-ing planes.  We run off the buses, trying to encourage the person that has to let us back into the airport to hurry, find our gate while we hear the last call announcement, hand off our carry-ons because there was no more room on the plane for them and sit down in our seats 5 minutes before take-off.  We were a little stressed.  And hungry.  And thirsty.  But we made it.

We got to Portland, with a very tired Ruby, got all of our luggage (except for the stroller) ate some wonderful pizza in the airport (really!), filed a claim for the stroller, took a shuttle to our car, got on the highway, and Ruby fell asleep.  She only took an hour nap on one plane ride that day.  She had woken up about 16 hours earlier that morning.  What a trooper.

The stroller was delivered to our house a couple days later and Ruby pushes it around asking us to go back to the airport.


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