More Florida Highlights and Handmade

I never know if I should post pictures of people other than our little family on the blog.  We spent most of our trip visiting family and some friends.  It was wonderful to spend time with so many people.  We really appreciate all the schedules that were re-arranged for it to be possible.  John blogged about it here.

We celebrated our niece’s 4th birthday, which was so fun!  Ruby loved that the little dogs wanted to eat her cracker and she had to tell them no.  She retold that story soooooooo many times.  “Ella, cracker, no!, Ruru’s”  She also loved her first taste of chocolate cake.


We gave my niece a repetitive book (some of the words repeat so its easy to remember and “read”) for the budding reader and a bag full of goodies.  I made the two drawstring bags (edited to add: from a pattern in this issue of Living Crafts) and we collected notebooks, sticky notes, stickers, colored pencils, some clay and a copy of The Great Chicken Escape by Nikki McClure.  I hope she liked it!  I’m just glad I was able to finish it in time.


…especially since I was busy completing this wholesale order.



4 thoughts on “More Florida Highlights and Handmade

  1. Hello,
    Helen loves to tell her cats and our dogs, “no!”
    I think its because there is finally something smaller than themselves and they have a bit of power over the creature. Anna has taught her how to say, “back off Sid!”

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