Craft Show Success!


Meet Your Maker‘s Birthday Party was a lot of fun for me on Friday.  I can’t deny that this giant (60 lb.) chocolate cake had something to do with that.  I’m so proud of our craft show and its progress!

Amy made t-shirts with our new logo on it that we gave away and have available for sale.


I recently picked up this table at a yard sale in our neighborhood and thought it would be perfect for my display.



5 thoughts on “Craft Show Success!

  1. 60 lbs of chocolate cake?! I can’t believe I missed it!!

    You & Amy both should be proud of yourselves! Love the new table!! =)

  2. that IS a perfect table for your display~! You are on your way girl~~~!!! You just need to get a spot on Oprah and you will be set for life~~!!!!!

  3. 60 pounds of cake! that’s crazy!!!

    congrats on the success of meet your maker… maybe some day I’ll be able to make it down to Eugene for it.

    I love the table, what a great find.

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