happy mother’s day

photo by Aldo Risolvo

photo by Aldo Risolvo

I have learned much as an adult that I use with Ruby.  I take deep breaths when my patience is tried and call up past yoga practices.  I give her positive choices when she is persistently wanting to do something that I don’t.  These do help me through our days together.

I am amazed at the depth of my love for Ruby.  I love the weight of her hand on my shoulder as she leans in for support.  I love the smell of her hair when she sits in my lap to read.  I love her murmurs that give way into sing-songs as she awakes.  I love seeing her face light up when she sees John.  I know my own mother loved me like this, but it seems impossible.  She’s told me of hours spent holding and rocking me as an infant in a wistful voice.  I understand the depth of that love now.

Thanks, Mom, for all the love you showered on me when I needed it.  I am so grateful for the focused love I received.  This love, more than anything else, sustains my mothering.  I know this has been passed on to me and I love feeling it so intensely, so physically, when I am with Ruby.


3 thoughts on “happy mother’s day

  1. Megan… you couldnt have given your Mom a nicer Mother’s Day gift then that post on your blog~! It was so sweet…! It usually isn’t until we become a parent that we truly appreciate all that our parents did for us… (and still do)! Parenting is such an awesome responsibility… and at the same time, comes so naturally. Can’t wait to meet Ruby… next month!!! yeah~! Love you guys~!

  2. Beautiful Megan! I really know what you mean. I remember telling my Mom when Lexi was about a month old that I just never knew how much she loved me until I had a daughter of my own.

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