The ducks that live in the canal in our neighborhood finally have some ducklings!  Almost every night after dinner we take a walk to visit them.  Ruby keeps asking to pet them and its really hard to resist.  They’re adorable!
DSCN4020I love the light coming through the trees this time of night.  I wish we had taken pictures when the trees were blooming.  Next year!

My little duckling has been busy dressing herself and being a sassy almost-2-year-old…



One thought on “Ducklings!

  1. Z’s been choosing her outfits for a while. We generally let her wear what she wants and she sure picks some crazy outfits. the other day she wanted mittins too… nothing like hot weather to make you want to wear mittins… 🙂

    I love the picture of Ruby, she really does look sassy!

    Have you guys thought of doing chickens at your place? just curious… we’d love to get chickens if we owned our house… and if Z could eat eggs… maybe someday

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