crafty links

Wooly Bullies photo from Craft

Wooly Bullies photo from Craft

Etsy Hacks full of tips to make your etsy shop run more efficiently.

The Handmade Business Blog

Swap-Bot – craft swaps

Hand-Knit hand towels pattern on Canadian Living

Wooly Bullies on Craft – I really want to try to make these!

Paper Source – um, your source for paper craft goods

Purl Soho – source for knitting and sewing supplies


3 thoughts on “crafty links

  1. there are so many great craft sites and blogs!
    I recently found this one and have been really enjoying it

    I love those towels, I’ve been wanting to make some like that for a while… but it will likely be a long while before I knit something again. I have a hard time crafting in the summer when there is so much to do outside…. oh and that pesky PhD thing keeps me a bit busy too.

    • Thanks, Laurel! I haven’t seen that blog before, but I like it.
      Crafting in the summer is definitely harder. Although with my sewing machine in the cold basement, that helps!
      PhD?? What’s another year? 🙂

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