thinning apples

3595826947_5a66a6de2bI had a hard time doing this, but I thinned out our dwarf Liberty apple tree a bit recently.  I read here that this will keep the tree healthier and hopefully provide us with more apples in the long run.  It’s just so hard to pull immature fruit off the little tree when there’s not much there to begin with.  But I trust the experts.  The article sources John’s department head, Anita Azarenko, who also runs La Mancha, an apple and cherry orchard nearby with incredibly delicious fruit.

In other garden news, our strawberry plants are going nuts this summer.  We put them in last year, got some fruit, but not a ton.  They probably tripled or quadrupled in size over the year.  John collects a big bowl of berries every night that we’re eating all day long, in strawberry shortcake, making jam and freezing for the winter.


2 thoughts on “thinning apples

  1. I’ve heard similar things about asparagus. Supposedly you’re supposed to wait 3 – 4 years before making the first harvest, even though there are plenty of shoots. Hopefully the apple gods will be appeased with your little sacrifice and you will have a bounty of apples come apple season!

  2. our strawberries are 4 years old now and have REALLY slowed down, and the berries are much smaller too… it’s a bummer, but I was able to pick 15 pounds yesterday at a friend’s house!

    thinning plants (and trees) is always hard, it’s like playing God and having to decide who gets to survive and who has to go… but it is better in the long run for the tree.

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