CSA report

Oh, it has been a week around here.  One of Ruby’s 2 year molars is breaking through which makes for lots of crabbiness.  There have been messed up meals, struggles, and just a general sense of frustration around here.  Thursday John came home from work early with the flu. He slept as soon as he walked in the door, woke up briefly to try to eat, went back to bed, and woke up again just in time to say good night to me as I crawled into bed on the couch. We checked his temp then – almost 102. He is much better today, now I’m fighting it off. Obviously I don’t have it nearly as bad as he did. Fingers crossed that Ruby stays healthy.


We’ve been outdoors as much as possible to get fresh air and stay away from germs. We’ve harvested pounds of strawberries, a bunch of snow peas and garlic! Lots of new garden photos in flickr.

Here was our CSA haul this week:







Walla Walla onion


tatsoi – a green we stir-fried tonight with tofu, carrots, snow peas, and a peanut soy sauce




3 thoughts on “CSA report

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you guys are ill. Zoe was sick last weekend, then Matt got it last week. being sick with a kiddo is a whole new level of misery, and teething frustrations on top of that… yikes! I hope you all feel better soon. (FWIW, Z’s working on her 3rd 2-yr molar now and the 4th is nowhere to be seen…)

    what CSA did you go with this year? We’re with GTF and really enjoying it!

  2. Aw, I hope you guys all feel better! Sounds like a normal week at our house. Amazing stuff you got in your CSA! We finally got beyond just greens. We got: zucchini, lettuce, tatsoi, cucumber, korean pepper, turnips, beets, cabbages, kale

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