CSA report and food

We’re all on the mend now. Ruby’s tooth is half-way through the gum. Her teeth are ridiculously slow. John and I are back to normal. We had a restful weekend. John planned to go mountain biking on father’s day, but decided to just take it easy at home instead since he wasn’t feeling 100% yet. We ate our way through the day. My sister laughs that all of our celebrations revolve around food and its true. I made him cinnamon-oat pancakes with strawberries from the garden for breakfast. We had chocolate chip coffee cake in the afternoon, he grilled and I made burger buns and honey cornbread for dinner. We were stuffed by the end of the day and I was wiped out. We did manage to find some time to walk down to the river and hang out a bit enjoying the sunshine.


Our CSA this week:


garlic scapes by elisfanclub

garlic scapes by elisfanclub



swiss chard



garlic scapes




We ate this for dinner with snow peas from our garden, carrots and garlic scapes. I highly recommend it!


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