CSA and blog and home updates

My parents are back in Florida, John and I are trying to get used to always being home (not out on dates), and Ruby is trying to get used to not having her adoring, always-ready-to-play grandparents around. I have a feeling I’ll be on a slow blogging schedule here. Ruby apparently wants to be potty-trained (I’m sure you all wanted to know that), so I’m spending lots of time chasing her diaper-less bottom around with rags and cleaner saying, “It’s okay, all kids pee on the floor when they’re learning” and trying really hard not to say, “Can we just please put a diaper on?” and watching her sit on her little potty wishing something, anything would happen. These are the days when working in a cube sounds like a really good idea. Good times.

Um, anyway, I’ve updated the blog banner and links, including a link to lots of recent videos of Ruby (and more to come soon) like my current favorite.

We’re loving our summer CSA this week:

Yellow banana fingerling potaotes




Walla Walla onions







green bell pepper

baby onions



We made an incredible pizza one night with pesto, tomatoes, garlic, feta and olives. We couldn’t get enough! Ruby loved dipping her crust in “dip sauce” (olive oil).


3 thoughts on “CSA and blog and home updates

  1. the CSA box this week is amazing, I can’t wait to pick ours up tomorrow, GTF rocks!

    we had 2 potties in the house while training Zoe so there was always one near by (we can loan you the spare one that is now in the basement). we have spent MANY hours sitting on the bathroom floor reading books.

    the cotton trainers might be a good transition in this time since they catch a bit, but still feel wet… can you can call them panties too, which made a difference for Zoe.

    have fun and let us know if you want a 2nd potty

    • Thanks, Laurel. We have 2 potties also and are using the trainers you lent us. It’s just a matter of time…

  2. Ah, potty training – peace be with you my friend! Just because I love to share, I’m totally over the moon with our CSA these past couple of weeks as well. We got similar items and had a few other choices…onions, yellow squash, pattypan squash, zucchini, garlic, blueberries, eggplant, tomatoes, thai basil, lettuce.

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