CSA, new stuff

I’m too hot to think straight, so this post may be a little crazy. But thats just the way things are right now…

CSA this week:

purple potatoes

purple carrots

red leaf lettuce


walla-walla onion


Rainbow chard

moss parsley

zucchini and summer squash




Last night (and lunch today) we ate this simple summer zucchini pasta dish that was very yummy and perfect for a hot day.

We bought an old claw-foot tub from our neighbors and John took out our old shower and put in the new (100 year old) tub a couple weeks ago. He blogged about it here. I absolutely love it. I have dreamed of a claw foot and we needed to do something about our old bathroom anyway. We still have some more work to do in the bathroom before we can put up the shower part, but we’re all loving our baths now. Ruby loves to give me a bath. She brings me her toys, washes off my shoulders, hands me the shampoo…I just need to train her to bring me a glass of wine and we’ll be set, oh and also to stop yelling, “Up, up, up” a hundred times when I lay down in the tub.

3703657225_b68a6fde03P.S. New banner and links to check out if you’re interested!


2 thoughts on “CSA, new stuff

  1. oh, that is awesome, Megan! Have you ever stayed at Ace Hotel in PDX? They have the most beautiful claw foot tubs, really similar to this one:

    So great!

    • What a great hotel! Have you stayed there? Claw foot tubs, fun art work, a block from Powell’s….I’ve bookmarked the site. Thanks, Ellen!

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