book love

I’m not quite sure where I read it, but a mother wrote about her need to craft daily to keep her sanity and her sense of self. I can completely relate to this. I love my time creating, but don’t quite get to it daily. I do, however, read everyday. I have always needed to read at night to shut off my mind from ticking away endless lists of things to do, or going over the day, or worrying about, well, here I go again. This is why I read.  I also take a bit of time to sneak in some reading when Ruby is napping almost every day. I’ll have some tea (if its not sweltering hot as it has been), a little snack, and curl up with my book. I feel like this is an illegal use of my time. I should be mopping or sending out a press release or laundering another load of diapers. But for 10 or 15 minutes, I forget all that and read.  Are any of you on goodreads?  I don’t keep up with it often enough, but I like it to keep track of some of  the books I read and see what some of my friends are reading as well.

Two books I recently read and loved are:


Gentle Art of Domesticity by Jane Brocket

i love dirt! by Jennifer Ward

i love dirt! by Jennifer Ward

check them out!

Here is our CSA for the week:

red potatoes

romaine lettuce


Walla-walla onion

green pepper






red cabbage


2 lbs. tomatoes

I think we’ll be making some salsa tomorrow! Yummmmmy!


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