Meet Your Maker Craft Show

Meet Your Maker had our craft show at a new location on Friday. We were at the Pizza Research Institute (PRI) which has the most delicious pizza I’ve eaten in a long time. It was really hot, but still a fun night. I packed up some samples of my new spicy bath fizzies to give out with big purchases. I’ll put them in my shop on Tuesday. All my bath fizzies sold out at the last show and all my testers (including myself) really like them.

DSCN4516I came home with a bunch of goodies for myself too. I think I got most of them through trades which is the best thing ever. The red flower earrings I actually got at the last show, but never posted them here. All the earrings are from Sunny Asylum. I stood at her table forever trying to pick out my favorites. She doesn’t have a website, so you’ll have to get yours at the next Meet Your Maker show. 🙂

DSCN4534And, I got this cute little pouch.  I have a matching larger pouch that I l-o-v-e. This was made by Ericca from Bellybaloo.

DSCN4535Our CSA this week…

Purple Viking potatoes


green leaf lettuce


Candy Sweet onion

Asian eggplant


zucchini and summer squash

green beans


cherry tomatoes

John grilled the most incredible salmon with eggplant, potato, and squash yesterday. He made a bed of herbs – rosemary and thyme – for the salmon and it was divine!


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