how we survived the heat


Right now, its 2:00 and 65 out. It’s August. A week or so ago it was 108. I’m not sure what is happening here. We had several days of 100+ temperatures. If you don’t live here, I’m not sure I can describe to you what this is like. Most people don’t have a/c here. We have 2 hand-me-down window units that get us through and keep the house below 90. Maybe. In the morning, our house would still be about 80. It was unbearable. So we were constantly out of the house. Not in the pool, well, maybe in the morning when it was only 95, but by the afternoon, we just had to find air conditioning. We went out to eat for days in a row, went to bookstores and librarys and any other place that is toddler friendly and cool. Ruby spent most of the time naked.

3790197866_cb9a612fd23798496113_e0e01c0b54Big kid Ruby loving eating out in a booster seat and a funny smirk.

CSA this week is incredible again:

Purple Viking potatoes


green leaf lettuce


Walla-Walla onion




purple pepper

fresh shallot



Making salsa!


4 thoughts on “how we survived the heat

  1. My, my – what crazy weather – I’m sure you were wishing for fall last week! Our CSA’s are kinda similar, neat. Lucky you guys with the melons!!! We got potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, okra, long beans, lamb’s quarter, eggplant, tomatoes,

  2. I can’t even use the potatoes for dinner…every Saturday, John cooks up potatoes and eggs with onion, garlic, rosemary, and thyme for us. Yum!

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