CSA report

We share our CSA with another family just our size. It seems to work out pretty well for us this way. They are out of town this week though, so we got all of the food and are loving it!

yellow potatoes


romaine lettuce

photo by Esteban Cavrico

photo by Esteban Cavrico


Superstar onion

storage onion


orange pepper

red cabbage


summer squash

yellow watermelon

tomatoes (2 lbs!)


For lunch today I made a variation on a black bean salad from Once Upon a Tart. I didn’t make it as spicy since Ruby is eating it, and instead of the veggies it calls for, I included cabbage, corn, avocado. The lime juice/cilantro vinaigrette is what makes it though. We’ll have pizza at some point this weekend, I just can’t decide what to put on it. Suggestions?


3 thoughts on “CSA report

  1. that’s a pretty nice looking CSA. i love Once Upon a Tart, and it’s less than two blocks from my office in SoHo. i make weekly visits in the winter, for soups.

  2. no pizza suggestions..just saying “Hi”
    Does life take on a special sweetness this time of year?… knowing you are teaching your most important student.

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