a giveaway!

Hello, faithful blog readers. Oh, its been a long couple of weeks. I wish I could blame it on the start of school like most people, but a lot of it is just a plain lack of energy around here.


We spent a couple of days in Portland and stayed at the Kennedy School. We ate as much as we could in Portland, I got to visit Anthropologie (bliss), and we were able to meet up with John’s cousin who was visiting from Florida.

Then I flew out for a long weekend in New England to visit a couple great friends. It was my first time away from Ruby which was so bizarre. I didn’t quite feel like myself. But it was nice to have an adult conversation and be able to finish it. My friend lives 3 blocks from the coast, so we spent a lot of time on the water in beautiful, incredible old towns. I loved it!


I returned home, tried to dig my way out of laundry, emails, and piled up mail and then Ruby got a fever and was pretty miserable. We spent a lot of time snuggled up on the couch reading books. She hasn’t napped in a couple days, which is making everyone cranky. Today she finally did, though, so I’m starting to feel a little more back to myself.

Anyway, thanks for sticking around during my longer-than-planned absence! I appreciate all the music suggestions – keep them coming! This is my 3-year blog birthday, and I’ve enjoyed it so much. I really love sharing little bits of our lives, hearing about yours, solidifying friendships, and meeting new blogging friends. Thanks so much!

I’m giving away one of my favorite products – the French Clay Facial Scrub.

il_fullxfull.64687056-1Just leave a comment on this post by midnight Monday, Sept. 28 to be entered and I’ll randomly choose a winner. If you want another chance to win, blog or tweet about the giveaway and send me a link.

Edited: Congratulations, Amy, you won the scrub!

Happy Fall!


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