Craft and CSA

Well, I’m starting to get my mojo back. Last week I baked cupcakes, picked up some un-finished knitting, and got back to planning some meals again. It’s about time. But I don’t know if I can promise more frequent postings just yet. Today is day four of no napping for Ruby (and me – grrrrr). The first two days she pulled off her diaper over and over, but I got smart and taped it shut with packing tape. Ha! But she’s still not sleeping.  Update: Ruby outsmarted me. She just pulled the diaper down like underwear, didn’t bother with pulling the tape or tabs. DSCN4698I finished this little scarf a while back and finally got around to getting a photo of it. It was a pretty easy pattern and quick to knit.

We’re enjoying our last couple weeks of our CSA.  Here is our latest haul:

yellow potatoes


candy storage onions

red storage onions

sweet peppers



delicata squash




3 thoughts on “Craft and CSA

  1. super cute scarf, I wish I was trendy enough to wear stuff like that 🙂

    As for Ruby pulling the diaper off, would you just let her sleep w/o one? we would let Zoe nap w/o a diaper, and just expect accidents till she learned not to. Otherwise having her wear pants or a onesie over the diaper for naps may help.

    glad you’re feeling better

    • Thanks, Laurel. Ruby finally napped today. She’s been pulling off the onesies and pants to get to her diaper, then she pees in the bed and calls out, “Mama, pee-pee in bed!” There’s no chance of sleeping after that – she’s too energized by it all. I’ve just been waiting for her to get tired enough to forget about all this, which finally happened today.

  2. Oh dear – I went through similar incidents with Lexi. It’s only the beginning of the pull for independence. On a good note she does tire of her shenanigans after a few rounds or weeks, whichever came sooner, and then move on to a new trick. We are still in that phase. Hopefully by now Ruby has decided that yes she does in fact have the ability to take off her diaper but that it really isn’t a good choice 🙂

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