I’ve been listing items from my shop on  Cosa Verde for several months. It’s a great website that showcases “green” products of all kinds. You can search by organic, recyclable, etc. and all the shops I’ve seen are wonderful…that’s the beauty of having to apply to the site. Anyway, Cosa Verde had a table at the latest Crafty Bastards show and I donated some items to them for a giveaway. Then they used some of my items in another incredibly huge giveaway that you should enter! The Climate Action Giveaway features an insane amount of prizes (including some of my bath fizzies).

If you’re in the area, Meet Your Maker is preparing for two holiday shows this year. We have a couple more spots left for the Nov. 22nd show!

We got our last CSA yesterday. boo hoo. I think its time to make soup.

yellow potatoes



copra storage onions


purple-top turnips



delicata squash

butternut squash

black kale



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