Little bunny

We had such a great Halloween. Ruby read a bunch of Halloween books that we censored for all the scary stuff. My favorite censor was a book that had a character who was going to t.p. someone’s house. Every time we read it, we said he was bringing the woman some toilet paper from the store because she ran out. Wasn’t that nice? Made me laugh every time. Anyway, I think Ruby’s favorite part was going on a walk in the dark, as she puts it, when we went trick-or-treating. We went with some friends and stopped by a handful of neighbor’s houses to say hi. Last night I had to run to the store and as I was walking out the door, she said, “Walk in the dark?” very excited for me.


I’m feeling better and better, although I’m still ridiculously tired. I try to nap when Ruby naps and I’m still exhausted by my bedtime. But I’m feeling the baby move! And I can eat so much more than crackers all of a sudden!


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