kids books you should check out

We’ve recently checked out some books at the library that I loved and can’t wait to share with Ruby when she gets a little older. They would be excellent additions to a classroom or home library.

51iq5gjSbfL._SS500_Artist to Artist is a collection of interviews with famous childrens’ book illustrators. The essays include some of the artist’s work, sometimes including works-in-process and work done by the artist as a child. It is so inspiring and made me want to pull out the art supplies and explore the different techniques that they used. I learned about lots of new-to-me illustrators that I’ve added to my library list as well.


365 Penguins is a fun read with lots of math skills thrown in along the way. A family gets a delivery of a penguin a day from an unknown source. They struggle to house and feed them all with lots of humor. I enjoyed the mad style these people had as well. Lots of orange and super cool furniture and clothes.

I really miss being as up-to-date with children’s literature as I was when I was a literacy coach. I’m reading The Lolita Effect: Why the Media Sexualize Young Girls and What You Can Do About It right now which is a bit terrifying. I’m looking forward to the parts of the book that are the “what you can do about it” things.  It’s not a book I can read before bed, but one I feel is an important read.  Have you read it? What are your thoughts?

What are your favorite books your family is reading lately?


2 thoughts on “kids books you should check out

  1. Max and Lily are addicted to “Brown Bear” and “Caps For Sale”. We read these two 25 times each day at least. I think they “play” with their basket of board books more than toys.

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